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CBA & Start Act meetup for future acceleration

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Carthage Business Angel


Meeting with Nazeh Ben Ammar head of Carthage business angel organization

We discussed the way to improve our existing CRM sales and find the gap between tasks management and CRM modules.

CBA & Start Act Meetup: Paving the Way for Future Acceleration

At Vital Tools, we believe in the power of collaboration and continuous improvement. Recently, we had the privilege of meeting Nazeh Ben Ammar, the esteemed head of Carthage Business Angel (CBA) organization. The meetup was focused on exploring ways to enhance our existing CRM sales module and uncovering the untapped potential that lies in bridging the gap between tasks management and CRM functionalities. This meetup served as a stepping stone in our journey towards future acceleration and provided valuable insights for the growth of our electron-ERP platform.

Driving Innovation through Collaboration:

During our discussion with Nazeh Ben Ammar, we had the opportunity to delve deeper into the challenges faced by businesses when managing their customer relationships. As a company dedicated to empowering businesses with comprehensive management solutions, we acknowledged the need for improvements in our CRM sales module. By collaborating with the CBA organization, we aimed to identify the gaps and explore ways to enhance the synergy between tasks management and CRM functionalities within our electron-ERP platform.

Unlocking the Potential: Enhancing CRM Sales

Customer relationship management plays a pivotal role in driving business growth and fostering customer loyalty. Understanding this, Vital Tools has always been committed to delivering a robust CRM sales module within our electron-ERP platform. However, the meetup with Nazeh Ben Ammar provided us with valuable insights and fresh perspectives to further enhance our CRM sales capabilities. We are now equipped with the knowledge and ideas to refine our existing module, ensuring that businesses can effectively manage their customer interactions, streamline sales processes, and drive revenue growth.

Bridging the Gap: Tasks Management and CRM Synergy

One of the key discussions during the meetup revolved around the integration of tasks management and CRM modules within our electron-ERP platform. We recognized the significance of aligning these two critical aspects of business operations to streamline workflows and improve efficiency. By bridging the gap between tasks management and CRM functionalities, we aim to provide businesses with a seamless and integrated solution that enables them to manage both project-related tasks and customer interactions within a unified environment. This synergy will foster better collaboration, enhance productivity, and enable businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences throughout their project lifecycles.

Continuing the Journey towards Innovation:

At Vital Tools, we consider this meetup with Nazeh Ben Ammar and the Carthage Business Angel organization as a catalyst for future acceleration. It has fueled our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation within our electron-ERP platform. We are determined to incorporate the valuable insights gained from this collaboration into our solution, empowering businesses with an advanced CRM sales module and seamless integration between tasks management and CRM functionalities.


The meetup with Nazeh Ben Ammar, head of Carthage Business Angel organization, marks a significant milestone in Vital Tools’ journey towards innovation and growth. Through this collaboration, we are determined to enhance our CRM sales module, addressing the challenges faced by businesses in managing customer relationships. Moreover, we aim to bridge the gap between tasks management and CRM functionalities, providing businesses with a unified and streamlined solution within our electron-ERP platform. Stay tuned as we continue to drive innovation, empower businesses, and shape the future of management software.